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What sets us apart from other credible search services?

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Credible search service companies like BeenVerified and some of their competitors provide quality and affordable services for person/asset/background searches. These services are often confused with the services provided by U.S Asset Records. Most of these reputable search companies provide individual/business names and aliases, contact information, address history, potential assets owned, criminal background information, and more. Generally, a client can subscribe for a trial period or membership for a given time period and then search by name, address, or phone number as needed. The information is affordable and useful. The rates charged are in exchange for access to the company’s databases. It can be a great starting point in terms of doing due diligence. To learn about what sets us apart from other credible search services keep reading below.

What sets us apart from other credible search services?

U.S. Asset Records is a research service company – not a subscription-based service that allows a customer access to a database. Our experienced analysts perform extensive searches using a variety of public and private databases together with abstract and investigative searches as needed and then they dive deeper. For example, rather than providing clients with a list of potentially owned property, our analysts will research which property or properties are currently owned and provide the relevant information related to each currently owned property, including the property details, liens recorded against the property, liens filed or recorded against the owner(s), and current comparable property values with neighborhood statistics. If a bankruptcy was filed, our analysts will research the bankruptcy details and provide all the relevant bankruptcy documents the client requests.

Our analysts also search each state to find out if the subject individual is involved in pending litigation which may affect assets owned by an individual. If yes, relevant filings/documents are also included in our report. Once the research is completed, the information is compiled with highlights/notes, converted to a PDF format, and delivered to the client via email usually within 24 hours. Our analysts also provide consultation via phone or email (client’s preference) and offer updates as needed. Our service fees are packaged in flat rates so that clients do not have to worry about unexpected charges.

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