About Us

Let’s get acquainted. How about we tell you a little bit about us and what we do.

Experienced consultants.  Our team of expert analysts has decades of experience in the finance, settlement, negotiation, collection and legal research industries. U.S. Asset Records was founded in response to the complicated dynamics associated with unlitigated debts, collection challenges and debt litigation in America.

To litigate or not to litigate.  If an individual or business suffers economic and/or non-economic damages as a result of another party’s negligence or wrongful action, and the offending party is unwilling to “make it right,” civil litigation can be – and often is – the only fair resolution.  Other times, and especially if it is unsuccessful or the losing party can (or does) file bankruptcy, litigation can be an expensive nightmare.  Every situation depends on the facts and circumstances surrounding the litigation, including the attorney’s credentials.  Our role is to give you the assistance and information you need to make informed decisions about how to proceed.

Debt challenges in America. The way debt is handled in America can be unfair, complicated, expensive and inefficient. Numerous sources claim that nearly 80% of debt goes uncollected in this country.  In response, many analytics companies with varying degrees of credibility offer data to creditors in various forms, including database subscriptions.  Unfortunately, that data is frequently low quality or delivered in raw form without affordable assistance in analyzing the data or in developing strategic ideas for resolution.  Certainly, a creditor may retain a licensed private investigator or an attorney for debtor research assistance, but that comes at a premium price.  Attorneys have a fiduciary duty to their clients and any statements or recommendations made are subject to malpractice claims, which is one of many reasons why attorneys are expensive.

What was the solution in our view? Professional consulting combined with high-quality information.  Consultants rely on their experience in relevant industries to assist clients but do not have a fiduciary relationship with their clients like attorneys do. Consultants are permitted to share ideas, thoughts, and information, but are strictly prohibited from making legal recommendations or giving legal advice. Therefore, consultant fees are less expensive.

U.S. Asset Records combines consulting services with high-quality data delivered quickly and conveniently online in low, flat fee package options:

  • No need for a subscription, trial membership, contract or even a login.
  • Order what you want when you need it without strings.
  • Evaluation reports reflect key information organized in a user-friendly format regarding any debtor in the United States.
  • Our data is derived from multiple vendors throughout the United States – not just one software system or database.
  • Quick and convenient online delivery with continuing client support at no extra charge makes life even easier for our clients.
  • We serve debt buyers, businesses and individual creditors across the globe at any stage in the debt process.
  • Nationwide property records | Title and lien search services

Please read this page and get to know all about us. National & International debt research reporting and consulting. Our customers take advantage of high success rates with our industry leading software giving you 40+ pages of data to go off when collecting a debt. Now that you know about us and what we do – order your research service today and receive an email within 72 hours.

Data asset records from consumers and businesses in the USA.