Individual/Business Profile Report with Nationwide Asset Search (certified purpose)


Creditor status only.

Individual searches include: Nationwide person locator, others using social security number, address summary, voter registration search, driver licenses (depending on state), professional licenses, health care providers/sanctions, pilot licenses, sport licenses, real property (prior and current), motor vehicle registrations, boats, aircraft, bankruptcy information, judgments, liens, UCC liens, fictitious businesses, notices of default, potential relatives, business associates, personal associates, neighbors, employment search, criminal filings/records, cellular/alternate phones, possible education.

Business searches include: Business summary, name variations, TINs, executives, incorporation, operations/sites, sales information, parent company, industry information, licenses, URLs, bankruptcy information, judgments, liens, UCC filings, real property, personal property, associates, possible employees, personal associates, possible connected businesses, business associates.


  • Individual

  • Legal names and alternate names
  • Most current address available/operating locations
  • Address history
  • Address details
  • Bankruptcy court searches & filing information
  • Lien search with details
  • Judgment search with details
  • Real property search with details for properties found
  • Associate search with detail
  • Relatives search with detail
  • Neighbor search with details
  • Criminal record search with details
  • Employment search with details (if available)
  • Business

  • Business summary
  • Name variations
  • TIN’s
  • Executives
  • Incorporation
  • Operations/sites
  • Sales information
  • Parent company
  • Industry information
  • Licenses
  • URLs
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • UCC filings
  • Real property
  • Personal property
  • Associates
  • Possible employees
  • Personal associates
  • Possible connected businesses
  • Business associates

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